Tondo fire

100 houses destroyed by fire in Manila’s Tondo district

Tondo Fire Destroys over 100 Homes 

It is reported that a fire in Tondo Manila has destroyed over 100 homes. 

The fire started in the early hours on Sunday the 28th of February. 

Residents have been evacuated to barangay halls in Balot.

It is thought the fire started from faulty electrical wiring.

It has been confirmed the fire was reported at 1:31 in the morning and the fire service declared the fire out at 4:43 a.m.

Fires in Tondo are becoming a major problem. Earlier in the month, 30 houses were destroyed by fire in Tondo and at the New Year, over 1,000 houses were gutted by fire in Tondo.

To understand how fire can destroy over 100 homes in just over 3 hours you need to understand how the houses are built and how close they are together. It is hard to explain without seeing it with your own eyes.

While Tondo is hardly a tourist area I would recommend anyone visiting the Philippines visits Tondo as it is a life-changing experience. 




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