1949 Philippines Banknotes

1949 British Company Printed Philippines Banknotes

In 1949 a British Company Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited got the contract to print Philippines Banknotes.

The Victory’ series of Banknotes were printed in 1944, to be used upon the return of MacArthur. When he came ashore in Leyte on October. 20th, 1944, it is claimed carrying MacArthur was carrying some of these in his pocket when he came ashore. The American definitely brought many crates full of these Victory Banknotes with them when they landed.

VICTORY Banknotes were printed at the U.S. BUREAU of Engraving and printing the last Philippine currency printed by the US Replacement notes are indicated by a star prefix to the serial number.

The banknotes first issued by today’s Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (formerly the “Central Bank of the Philippines”) were the VICTORY-CBP Overprints in 1949, which were merely overprints of older American-era banknotes.

A overprint is an original Banknote with an additional layer of text or graphics added. The contract for printing the overprints of Philippines Banknotes was given to a British company Thomas de la Rue which is now De La Rue plc whose headquarters is Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.

If you come across a 1949 Philippines banknote you will notice it says ThomasDeLaRue&CoLtd at the bottom of the note.

Thomas De La Rue Company Philippines banknote

The first official Philippines banknote series to be printed was the English Series in 1951.

De La Rue plc was founded by Thomas de la Rue who was born in Guernsey, in 1821 he moved to London in 1821 and set up as a ‘Leghorn’ straw hat maker he later become a stationer and printer.

In 1831 Thomas de la Rue got a Royal Warrant to make playing cards and in 1855 he started to print postage stamps. His company started printing bank notes for the first time in 1860.

In 1947 the company was called Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited and it was listed on the London Stock exchange.

Two years later the company got the contract to Overprint The Philippines Victory Banknotes. We are not sure how they got the contract for this and if they were overprinted in the UK. If anyone knows more about this please contact us with the details.

In 1958 Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited changed its name to The De La Rue Company Limited. The company changed its name again in 1991 to De La Rue plc.

1968 a take over bid by Rank Organisation plc was rejected by the Monopolies commission as they said the take over was not in the public’s interest.

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