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400 new islands discovered in the Philippines

The Philippines, 400 new islands discovered

The Philippines is getting bigger, the 7,100 islands have grown to 7,500 after 400 new islands were discovered. More than 400 unknown islands in the Philippines have been found, claim the country’s environment and mapping officials. The Environment Secretary revealed about the 400 extra islands in his speech at the Philippine Environment Summit in Manila on Wednesday, according to a report of the Business Mirror. Paje said the 400 islands were found in various parts of the country by the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, making the total of islands to about 7,500, from the previously known 7,100. A deputy administrator of Namria told Business Mirror that the “unknown” islands were detected with the use of a sophisticated gadget called Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IfSAR). Cabanayan said that most of the additional islands were found in Mindanao, the southernmost of the three major island groups of the Philippines. He said a landmass is considered an island “if it is above sea level and high tide at any given time and can support either plant or animal life, or both.” Of the 7,100 islands already known, only about 2,000 are inhabited and some 5,000 have no names. That means there are now 3,500 islands where you can get away from karaoke machines.

new islands

At this time we are unsure if books will be changed to 7,500 islands to include the new islands that have been discovered.

I need to travel more, out of 7,500 islands I have only visited one of them, which is Luzon the largest island in the Philippines and home to the capital city Manila. 47 million people live on Luzon making it the 4th most populated island in the world. 

Because the Philippines is made up of so many islands it means it has more miles of beaches than any other country in the world. If you love tropical beaches, dream about spending time on a tropical island, the Philippines is the place to take a holiday. 


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