Lazada out of stock

6 out of 8 Items Ordered from Lazada Out of Stock

I use Lazada a lot and used to be very happy with them, however things seem to be changing with six out of the last eight items I ordered from Lazada being out of stock. 6 out of 8 items ordered from Lazada Out of Stock is not caring for customers. 

You often see products on Lazada marked as out of stock and that is to be expected, if some thing suddenly becomes popular they do run out of stock, or maybe there is a problem with supply lines or manufacturing. It is normal on most online shops to see items marked out of stock.

The items I ordered where not marked out of stock if they were I would not have been able to order them.

I do realise that them not being marked out of stock is probably the fault of the seller, but it is up to Lazada to make sure the sellers on their platform keep their stock levels up to date. Amazon does not have this problem as they have a policy of so many bad strikes and the seller is removed from Amazon. Example not dispatched in time is a bad strike against the seller as is selling items that they do not have (out of stock).

When you order an item only to be informed the next day your order has been cancelled because it is out of stock it is not only frustrating, it has wasted your time. in the case of 4 of the items I ordered it was a case of needing them and needing them in the stated delivery time, so much so that it cost us money.

An example was my wife’s mobile phone went wrong and she could not contact her suppliers, luckily it went on a Friday so she could make do with out it over the weekend. The brand of phone she wanted is not in the shops near us so we ordered from Lazada. In the morning we received an email to say the order had been cancelled because there was no stock, we ordered again from a different seller and again there was no stock this time they did not cancel but said it would be a few weeks which was no good to us.

Just this week I ordered an item next day got an email to say it was out of stock, ordered again from a different seller it cost a bit more and delivery time was longer, but I really needed the item only to be told yet again it was out of stock.

It is not just a case of international sellers cancelling it is also local sellers cancelling because they have no stock.

I could understand this happening on the odd occasion but 6 out of 8 ordered from Lazada Out of Stock far to much.

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