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66-year-old woman murdered in Parañaque shooting

A 66-year-old woman was murdered in Parañaque on Tuesday, she was shot several times inside her vehicle, the murder got off a motorbike, approached the right side of her car and fired shot her, he then went to the driver’s side of the car opened the door, and shot the victim again before fleeing on the motorbike.

The attack happened at about 4 pm. Yolanda Dela Rosa Manatad was on her way home to Gatchalian Subdivision in her black Isuzu Sportivo, she had just attended a hearing in a nearby court and was travelling along San Antonio Avenue, Valley 1, in Barangay San Antonio. It is believed the gunman followed her and when she got caught in traffic he struck.

crime scene

The court case the woman attended was in connection with trespass to dwelling case. The murdered woman was a respondent in that case. The judge issued an order declaring the case had been settled. The murdered woman had a money lending business, was also a complainant in other cases lodged in other courts.

The Police said  “We are still looking at the details of the court case where the victim was involved in. Maybe that has something to do with the killing,”. They also said Manatad was shot in the breast and back multiple times.

No weapon has been recovered but four empty shells of a 9mm pistol were recovered outside the car.


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