About Brits in the Philippines


Brits in the Philippines started in 2009 at a condo in Makati when 3 British British Expats and their wives met for the first time for dinner.

I can not remember for sure how we first became friends on Facebook but I think it came about because we were all searching for ways to watch British TV.

We were a very unlikely mix of a Preacher, a Businessman and a Truck Driver, but despite this we all got on very well and had a great time.

The Filipina wife of the Preacher was the one that decided to start the group and run it until she returned to the UK with her husband.

In the time she was running the group it grew to about 30 members and mainly consisted of posts about how to watch British TV and where to get British food, which at the time was very difficult.

When she left for the UK she handed the group over to myself and Matt another British ex-pat that now lives in Spain. As I was busy I tended not to have much to do with the group and the group almost died with hardly any one posting.

When Matt left for Spain I was handed total control of the group, not through any action of my own membership started to grow and the number of posts increased, but so did some bad feelings inside the group, the main reason for this was there was many nationalities in the group. I spoke to Andrew who was an original member and one from of the 3 from the original meet up, and we decided it should become just for British ex-pats, it was at this time that I made Andrew an admin.

We set about clearing out anyone that was not British out of the group and removed around 200 people. It was no small task checking the profile of so many people and trying to work out if they were British.

Making Brits in the Philippines for British ex-pats only changed the group for the better, in 2014 it really took of and changed direction to become what it is today.

It became not just a forum where you could seek advice from other British ex-pats but also a place for a bit of banter between like-minded people.

In late 2015 we decided we needed to have a website as there was so much useful information that was just getting lost in the group never to be found again. So in January 2016 I set about building the website to bring all this information together in a way it could be easy to find.

As the Facebook group grew so did the number of members with extreme views and in 2017 I decided I no longer wanted to be part of the group because of this. because of this I would like to make it clear this website is no longer associated with any Facebook group in any way.   

It seems our information is coming in useful for many that visit or are thinking of visiting the Philippines, In the 2 months of April and may 2018 Brits in the Philippines had 196,528 visitors, from every country in the world apart from Mauritania and Chad, I suspect there is not many websites in the world that can claim they have had visits from so many countries, we have even had visitors from North Korea. 

Brits in the Philippines visitors map