American arrested at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

NAIA Terminal

Michael Barry Tallent, 31, was arrested and detained on Thursday 11th of February for allegedly spitting on two airline employees.

The arrived at the  late for his Philippine Airlines flight to Los Angeles and got angry when he  he was too late board the plane because the check-in counter for his flight was already closed.

Not happy with the reason for not being able to board his flight, given by a passenger service agent, a passenger service manager  and  also a supervisor, he cursed at the airline employees.

It is alleged the passenger threw his in front of the employees and suddenly spit on two of them,  said in a report.

Bajaj RE

Michael was released after the airline employees failed to show up for his inquest proceedings on Friday, police said.

He would have been charged with slander by deed and unjust vexation, police said.



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