Peter Scully life sentence

Australian Peter Scully gets life sentence for human trafficking and rape.

It is being reported that Peter Scully from Melbourne Australia has been found guilty of rape and human trafficking of Filipina girls and has been given a life sentence.

Australian Peter Scully was convicted of 5 counts of rape and 1 case of human trafficking.

On the 20th of June Scully will be back in court to face even more charges.

It is alleged that he also strangled one girl and her body was found under a house he had rented.

The Australian was first arrested in 2015 allegations were made about him sexually abusing girls one of them being as young as 18 months.

It is alleged that Peter Scully ran an international paedophile ring that was involved in rape, torture and even murder.

In 2011 Peter Scully moved to Cagayan de Oro Mindanao.

It is also alleged that Scully filmed the rapes and sold the videos online to customers around the world.

Scully fled from Australia in 2011 where he faced charges of 117 fraud and deception related to a property scheme.
In the Philippines it is alleged he ran a very lucrative international pedophile ring on the dark web which offered pay-per-view videos of young children being sexually abused and tortured.

It is believed Scully had 2 Filipina girlfriends that helped him procure the young girls
It is alleged in one case Peter Scully used entrapment on 2 cousins one was just 9 years old the other was 12. A former child prostitute that Scully had picked up and groomed to help him, coaxed the cousins to Peter Scully’s house using the promise of food. It is then alleged he forced them to perform sexual acts on each other while he videoed them.

It is also alleged he kept the girls chained up.
The former child prostitute took pity on them and released them, the 2 girls then went to the police.

Scully went on the run and an international hunt for Peter Scully was launched

On the 20th February 2015 Scully was arrested in Malaybalay City, Philippines, there was 6 warrants at the time all related to the sexual abuse and abduction of the 2 girls that escaped.

In total Peter Scully faces 75 charges also on trail with him are 4 other people.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Project Coordinator Margaret Akullo who is an expert on child abuse investigations described the case as “horrific” and the worst she had ever heard of.

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