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Because it’s the Philippines Excuse

Because it’s the Philippines is an excuse that is used a lot in the Philippines. If you are a foreigner in the Philippines you might think it is just an excuse used by the locals when dealing with foreigners. However it is also used when they deal with Filipinos that complain.

We take a look at this excuse and how it is an insult to Filipinos and puts their country down.

  • Complain about poor internet and you are often told you have to accept it because it’s the Philippines.
  • When things do not happen at the arranged date or time often you will be told you have to expect it because it’s the Philippines.
  • Mention the lack of discipline on the road and you are told it will never change because it’s the Philippines.
  • The fact that it takes so long to repair things is blamed on because it’s the Philippines.

What “Because it’s the Philippines” is really saying

If you dissect “because it’s the Philippines” it can only mean a few things. We are pretty sure there is no geographical force controlling these things.

Poor Internet

In the case of poor internet is it saying that Filipinos are not capable of building a good internet infrastructure? That would be a terrible thing to say about their own people, and we are sure they are very capable of building an infrastructure as good as anywhere else in the world if supplied with the right training and equipment.

Date and Time

When things do not happen on the arranged date or time. Saying “it’s because it the Philippines” is really saying Filipinos are not capable of doing things at an arranged date or time? Again we feel that is a terrible thing to say about their own people.

We feel the are a few reasons for this and it starts at schools. If you attend a school event here you will notice most do not start on time, sometimes the start is delayed by anything up to 2 hours. So at a young age it is being taught that doing things on time does not matter. The second is some companies give the impression they give no thought to the time of their customers.

Lack of discipline

Come on, when you say that is because it is the Philippines you are saying your own people will not follow discipline or do not want discipline. What a thing to say about your own people. The support for recent I-ACT operations by thousands of Filipinos tell me the people saying “it’s because it’s the Philippines” do not understand their own people. The majority do want discipline it is a minority that do not want to follow rules, and more that can’t be bothered as so many get away with not following rules. This is down to rules not being enforced for so many years. We like the majority of Filipinos are glad that gradually rules are now being enforced.

Long Repair Times

Saying this has to be expected because it’s the Philippines is probably one of the worst things they can say about Filipinos. They are in fact saying it is ever because Filipinos work slower than other people, or saying they are lazy. We do not agree with that as we know very hard-working Filipinos. Or maybe when they say it they mean companies in the Philippines do not care. Personally I think companies are the same all over the world and sadly many of them will give bad service if they are allowed to get away with it.

Stop and Think

If you are one of the people who use the “Because it’s the Philippines” excuse, stop and think what that is saying about your fellow Filipinos what that is saying about your country.

Rather than using an excuse that makes your fellow countrymen look bad. Stop and think is it really that you can’t be bothered to find a solution to the problem.

Maybe you say it because you are using it as an excuse for the poor service the company you work for is providing. Is that right putting down all your fellow Filipinos to be loyal to the company you work for.

Personally I love the Philippines and think the people here are just as capable as people anywhere else. Yes there is some bad and some lazy, the same is true in every country. The truth is the majority are good. So don’t put down all Filipinos by using the excuse “Because it’s the Philippines.” don’t put down your country by using the excuse “Because it’s the Philippines.”

Because it’s the Philippines is not an excuse.

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