bulacan police reward

Bulacan Police get 1 million peso reward.

The police director of Central Luzon handed a reward of one million pesos to members of Bulacan PNP for a quick conclusion to the investigation into the murder of Judge Wilfredo Nieves. The Judge was killed in an ambush in Ticay, Malolos City, Bulacan on November 2015. 

The reward was given to former Bulacan Police Director Senior Supt. Ferdinand Divina and his team by Chief Supt. Rudy Lacadin in simple rites at Camp Olivas.

Chief Supt. Rudy Lacadin said his policy is an acknowledgement of police achievements, but to also provide cash incentives to those who do their jobs well. Lacadin also said, “The reward system will serve as morale booster and motivator for all police units in the region and for them to work hard”.

Arnel Janoras, 43, who allegedly admitted participation in the ambush, was himself killed less than 48 hours after his arrest. Janoras was being transported from Malolos City to the prosecutor’s office in San Jose del Monte in handcuffs when he allegedly grabbed the firearm of one of his police escorts, during the scuffle Arnel Janoras was shot by his escort, he died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds.

The Bulacan police said the case is now considered closed, many people, including the family and friends of the murdered judge, do not agree with the police conclusion.

Lacadin claims his campaign against criminals has led to the deaths of at least 51 lawless elements. His method in running after criminals has earned him praise from many sectors.

He has warned criminals to leave Central Luzon or suffer the same fate as other lawless elements who have been “neutralized.”


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