Buying a house in the Philippines

Expats Buying a house in the Philippines

Just received this email and thought it might be useful for anyone looking to buy a house in the Philippines.

Dear Brits In the Philippines

I would just like to let you know of a positive experience I have recently had in searching for a new home in the Philippines, specifically Ayala Alabang Village. Originally from Chelmsford, I sold my business last year and retired to the Philippines to be closer to my wife’s family (from Batangas).

I had always assumed that Estate Agents (brokers as they call them here) operated in the same manner around the world – “”Big Mistake””

I went the usual route of doing an internet search and found numerous houses for sale in Property24, Lamudi and Point2Point and contacted the brokers numbers on there. To my surprise, most of the properties that were listed had already been sold although were still being marketed. No idea why this would be done as I found it frustrating rather than encourage me to have them help me find an alternative (guess that’s the Brit in me 😊)

Anyhow, I found 2 companies were the houses being advertised were still available.

Company x

It took 2 days before contact was made but the broker was friendly and seemed professional so we scheduled a viewing. We agreed to view the houses on the Saturday which then needed to be changed to a Sunday due to owners / care takers availability (I was told). The day of the viewing arrived and I was as usual around 15 minutes early only to receive a message 5 minutes before the meeting time to be told the broker was in traffic and would be another 45 mins. Not a major problem, myself and the wife grabbed a coffee and waited. An hour late and the broker finally turned up and we viewed 3 properties.

2 of the properties were great although for 1 the pictures on the advertisement were definitely from a few years ago. I was offered a couple more properties to view although even though I had said my budget a couple of times, was surprised the broker was trying to push me to see properties nearly 50% higher than I could afford in an attempt to make a sale seeing that I wasn’t over impressed with the ones viewed.

I raised a few questions as you do throughout the viewings with most being answered in a fashion that made sense.


Wow – just like being back in the UK, which wasn’t a surprise after I found out the company was owned by the wife of a fellow Englishman (from Manachester).

I found one property on Property24 and sent a message through their messaging system. Within 30 minutes I had received a message from Anne confirming my message had been received and pointing me to her Property website which had 30 properties in Ayala Alabang alone being advertised on an easy to follow page. I spent some time in Edinburgh, Scotland and experienced the ESPC which had a similar look and feel at the time.

After a couple of conversations around my requirements and budget, Anne scheduled a day to view 5 properties we liked and suggested she also give an overview tour of the area at the same time to me and my wife (which I gratefully accepted).

24 hours before the viewing I received a message from Anne advising that everything was running to schedule and she looked forward to meeting us the next day. I assume this was because she has been let down in the past and was just making sure we hadn’t changed plans without notifying her. Obviously, this isn’t something we were going to do.

On the day of viewing we turned up again 15 mins early to find Anne and her husband already waiting (seemingly he drives her when she meets an expat so he can answer any questions we may have which a local may not be able to relate to – this was unbelievably useful).

All houses that were planned to be viewed (plus an additional house that was added after I discussed a kitchen layout ad Anne knew a match to what I had said) were viewed and lived up to the pictures and the description on the website (

After we completed the house viewings, we were then given a tour of the area so we knew where the local hospital, malls etc were located and what they had on offer.

All-in-all, we were with Anne and her husband for over 4 hours and covered way more than I believed possible in such a time.

Fortunately, we found the house we loved and the offer has been accepted; now going through the purchase process. Anne explained that she and the team would take care of everything – even getting our car passes for the village……BONUS!!!

An amazing customer service experience just like back home. Not something I had expected after hearing and seeing first hand the problems faced here but fortunately I found the people I can rely on.

And to top it off 😊 I was even given a link to other services on offer such as blinds, CCTV etc which they would manage should I need them.

Even if I hadn’t found the house I wanted that day, I would have been asking Anne and her team to manage all aspects of finding me a home – someone I can trust to look after me.


Many thanks Anne for making life easier and finding me the right house for myself and Elvie


Good luck and best regards


Graham Patterson


Note to all expats: definitely worth contacting Anne for any property requirements. If not an area she covers, I am sure she will know someone reliable to help you out.

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