Cavite schools closed

Cavite Schools Closed Again

Many students expected to start back to school today after a long holiday only for it to be announced that all Cavite schools are closed because of rain. Others started last week so did manage a week at school before the first day of classes being cancelled.

We can only hope this is not a repeat of last year when there was so many days all schools in Cavite were closed I lost count, for a few months it seemed like hardly a week went by without schools being closed at least one day for various reasons.

Cavite Schools Closed because of Tropical Storm Domeng

While we understand there has been a lot of rain over the last 3 days because of Tropical Storm Domeng which caused flooding in some areas of Cavite Province, many areas are free of floods and the rain had stopped a few hours before it the announcement on Governor Boying Remulla’s Facebook page.

It seems that because of flooding a few schools in Cavite would be difficult for students to reach, so it has been decided every child in Cavite should miss a days education. 

The amount of days classes in Cavite are cancelled each year must be having an effect on children’s education, while it understandable to close schools in areas of flooding, risk of landslide etc. surely it should be down to each school to decide if it is safe for their students to travel to school.

We also understand when there is a typhoon when high winds make it dangerous for students to travel that all schools should be closed. However in poorer areas it might be safer for the children to be in a school rather than in poorly built houses during a typhoon, but that is a different subject.

The Philippines is lagging behind when it comes to education, U.S. News & World Report “Best Countries 2018” ranked Philippines education 55th in the world, a long way behind Singapore, South Korea, China, Malaysia and India.

The Philippines is in competition with India when it comes to the Call Centre industry so it is not good for education in the Philippines to be ranked lower than India’s. Also with so many Filipinos looking to work abroad as OFW’s it is not helping them get better paid jobs when Philippines education is only ranked 55th.

We are not sure what affect so many lost days at schools because of weather, Jeepney strikes, holidays etc. is having, but there is no doubt that it is not helping children’s education.

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