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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Philippines

Chinese Herbal Medicine Philippines

Due to the extortionate cost of hospital treatment in the Philippines, Chinese Herbal Medicine can work out far cheaper and often have better results than hospital treatment.

You can find Chinese Herbalists in some malls and some of them offer a consultation.
I would say while these might be OK for simple ailments such as a cold or an upset stomach I would not advise using them for anything more serious. I have found they lack real knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine.

There are some very good traditional Chinese Doctors specialising in Chinese Herbal Medicine in the Philippines but they do seem to be few and far between.

The best traditional Chinese Doctor in the Philippines is, without doubt, Dr Tan in Chinatown Manila (known as Dr Tan of Binondo by the locals) who has gained a reputation around the world as being one of the best Chinese Herbal Doctors.

First I will talk about my own experience with Dr Tan as I know this is fact.

I was in extreme pain and spent 2 days having tests at a hospital, which cost 60,000 pesos after which they informed me I had gallstones and would need an operation. Worried about the cost of this I started to look for a cheaper way when someone told me about Doctor Tan and remarkable stories about what he could do.

I arrived at Doctor Tan’s surgery which is a small room on the second floor of Fu-Yong Mansion, Ongpin St. It is not at all clinical and Doctor Tan sits at an old desk while there is a row of sits on each side for the patients.

I sat watching as Doctor Tan examined patients and was amazed as all he did was feel their pulse in both wrists and look at their tongue with a torch (flashlight to the non-British) he would then write them a prescription.

At this point, I was starting to feel very sceptical and wondered if it was just a load of hocus-pocus.

Then it was my turn, Doctor Tan does not speak English and my Chinese and Tagalog is very limited so apart from saying hello no other words were exchanged.

He felt my pulses and looked at my tongue, he then pulled a book out of his draw and turned to a diagram of the human body. He then drew a small circle inside the gallbladder and pointed to it.

My scepticism came to an end at this point as I sat there amazed, this old Chinese man had diagnosed in less than 3 minutes with no equipment what it took a hospital 2 days to diagnose.

He gave me a sheet with foods I should avoid and he wrote me a prescription. I was unsure what I should do at this point as Doctor Tan was talking to me in Chinese, but luckily a Chinese patient that was waiting and translated for me.

He explained that Doctor Tan said I had gallstones and I needed to take herbal medicine in the prescription and return in 3 days. He also asked if I wanted tablets or herbs you boil up, and explained the boiling method works better than tablets. He then took me to the next street and showed me where to buy them.

The cost at this point was 400 peso for the consultation with Doctor Tan and 900 pesos for the herbs.

They give you instructions (wrote in English) how to boil the herbs and when to take them, it is important you follow these instructions.

I have to say the medicine was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted in my life, but on the second day, I was starting to feel better.

I returned to see Doctor Tan 3 times and each time and each time he changed the prescription, after the third time he told me via an interpreter that I did not need to return as the treatment had finished.

I will leave it to you to decide if the treatment worked, what I will say is it was 9 years before the gallstones returned and even then not big enough to give me any real pain. For me, the fact they gave me no problem for 9 years tells me he got rid of them and the fact I did not change my diet meant they returned 9 years later.

I have returned to Doctor Tan many times since for different conditions and every time he has made me better far quicker and cheaper than a hospital would.

I have also seen Doctor Tan’s son that now also practises in the same building, the good thing about seeing his son is he speaks English and it seems his father has passed on all his wisdom to his son.

There are many stories I have read on the internet and heard by word of mouth about Doctor Tan, I have read about people travelling from the USA and Europe to be treated by him. Stories about him treating cancer patients and many other conditions.

The story of the Mayor of Manila that never held office because of a stoke is an interesting one. The story says he won the election but had a stroke before he took office. He was told that he would never walk again, and so tried a few of the top hospitals in Manila that all told him he would never walk again.

He started to see Doctor Tan and after a while began to get the use of his legs back and was able to walk with the help of sticks something the hospitals said he would not be able to do.

Many of the facts have gone from my mind (old age) I can’t remember his name, or if it was the Mayor of Manila or Makati. What I do remember is seeing him walk with a struggle and sticks out of the building of Doctor Tan and the security guard told me who he was.

There are this and many more stories if they are all true or not I can not be sure, but with the success, I have had it would not surprise me.

I know another member of our group that is seeing Doctor Tan at the time of writing this, and he has told me he is feeling much better for it. His wife is also being treated and again the results are positive.

On the internet I have yet to find a bad story about Dr Tan, there are many where the people say they were sceptical when they first visited but all report positive results.

Doctor Tan Fu-Yong Mansion

Doctor Tan can be found at
2nd Floor

912 Fu-Yong Mansion
Ongpin St

It is a case of just turning up as he does not take appointments, I believe he is open 7 days a week.

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