Commuters treated for shock at MRT Station after man lets another person go first

The MRT in Manila was brought to a standstill yesterday after one commuter let someone go in front of them, instead of body charging them and elbowing them in the ribs.

“It was an absolutely shocking sight,” said one shocked passenger, who witnessed the horrific scene at Ortigas station at about 5:30 yesterday evening.

“This man blatantly let another person onto the train with a friendly gesture and the words ‘After you sir’. That awful sentence will ring in my ears forever. I went into shock and even when I woke up in hospital 2 hours later I could hear his words ringing in my ears”

Another stunned passenger said “it was disgusting, I was right behind him and he even put his arm out to stop me barging in front of the person he let go first.”

A local hospital is believed to have treated at least 50 commuters from the station for shock and that many of those who heard the incident will have to undergo years of therapy to get over the trauma.

“Thankfully incidents of politeness on the MRT are rare,” said a spokesman. “But we ask commuters to remain vigilant, acts of politeness could put the whole system into chaos, if you do see anyone acting nicely it is best to immediately barge them out of the way while loudly moaning and making dagger eyes at them, as is traditional MRT etiquette.”

This article is Satire and was adapted to suit the Philippines from an article in The Poke.

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