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Coronavirus No Spitting Law Needs to be Enforced

With the fear of the Coronavirus spreading in the Philippines will the authorities start handing out fines to people for spitting?

The whole country seems to be scared about the spread of the coronavirus in the Philippines, millions of Filipinos are taking the precaution of wearing face masks when they go out.

I see so many wearing face masks but I also see people still spitting in the street.

With the danger of the coronavirus spreading it is time that the police, city halls, barangays etc start handing out fines to people that persist in spitting in the street.

Yes there is a law against spitting in the street it comes under the Anti-Littering Law

The Anti-Littering Law prohibits the following acts:

Littering, Illegal dumping, Illegal disposal of garbage;
Urinating, defecating, spitting in a public place;
Dirty frontage and immediate surroundings for establishment owners;
Improper and untimely stacking of garbage outside residence or establishment;
Obstruction (any dilapidated appliance, vehicle, and etc., display of merchandise, illegal structure along sidewalk);
Dirty public utility vehicles, or no trash can or receptacle;
Spilling, scattering, littering of wastes by public utility vehicles; and
Illegal posting or installed signage, billboards, posters, streamers and movie ads., etc.

As you can see it is illegal to Urinate, defecate or spit in a public place and there is a 500 peso fine if you are caught.

Time to speak up

With the health risks the people that insist on spitting are putting on you and your family it is time to speak up for the benefit of everyone, shame them and report them if you can get a photo of them doing it so much the better. Remember these people that spit in the street are putting peoples lives in danger.

Fine particles When Spitting

You might think it is OK when I spit it comes out in a lump and goes straight on the ground where the virus would quickly die. While it is true the virus will not survive long on the ground how do you know that a child will not play on the ground where you spat in the next 30 minutes? You do not so you are putting children at risk.

Also when you spit it does not come out in a lump there are also thousands of fine particles come out as you can see from the video.

It is Not Just coronavirus you can spread

Back in 2018, we wrote about how spitting is spreading Tuberculosis in the Philippines and nothing has changed since then, today spitting is still spreading TB.

The numbers killed by TB in the Philippines each year by Tuberculoses is huge and while there is not the panic about it that there is about the coronavirus, the fact is TB kills far more than is likely to be killed by the coronavirus.

It is OK for me to spit I do not have the coronavirus

You have no way of knowing if you have the coronavirus as it takes 2 weeks before it shows any signs.

Also, you could be a carrier for many other diseases that you do not realise you have.

Plus it is against the law.

What to do if you see someone spitting

I would say the first step is to shame them, tell them they are dirty, tell them they could be spreading diseases do it allowed so other people hear, you often find when one person speaks up others will join you and back you up agreeing with you shaming them.

If they persist report them to the barangay, the city hall or the police. Many people that spit do so often so it could be easy for you to get a photo of them spitting by pretending you are texting.


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