Cover for Bajaj Compact RE 4S

Cover for Bajaj Compact RE 4S product Review

I received my Bajaj Compact RE 4S cover yesterday and was able to use it last night, I know a lot of you are interested in these covers from Fherwindel Garcia Singian so I thought I would do a product review for the Cover for the Bajaj Compact RE 4S.

The transaction was painless and Fherwindel kept us informed of every step from receiving the payment, dispatching the cover and giving tracking details. The cover was dispatch by LBC and arrived in 2 days.

The cover comes in its own bag with a Velcro fastening, the cover fits in the bag but it needs to be folded very neatly to get it in. Personally I think the bag should be much bigger so you can just push the cover into it when taking it off, rather than folding it up neatly every time.

The Bajaj RE 4S cover seems to be very strong, well made and with good stitching.

The fit is perfect, not too tight, I have changed my mirrors for bigger mirrors, a point I forgot to inform them when I ordered, but it was not a problem it still fits over my mirrors.

Putting the Cover for Bajaj Compact RE 4S on.

Because LBC delivered it late by time I got to try the cover on it was dark, despite the fact we were unable to see properly the cover went on very easily.

In the morning I tested it putting it on by myself and again it was very easy to put the cover on my Bajaj RE. Doing it by myself I did not get it to line up at first, however it slid into the correct place easily.

Overall View of Bajaj Compact RE 4S Cover

Overall I am very pleased with the Bajaj Compact RE 4S Cover it is well made from strong material and is easy too put on. The reflective strips on the rear are a nice touch so your Bajaj RE can be seen at night even with the cover on, it would have been nice to also have the reflective strips on the front so it could be seen from both front and rear.

With a price tag of 1,500 peso plus shipping I consider the Cover for Bajaj Compact RE 4S very good value for money, and I would highly recommend it.

You can order the cover by texting 09493552306. 


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