Jason Smith

Crowd funding to raise £20,000 for jason smith and maffi Medical fund

Jason Smith and his wife Maffi were involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Kalibo in the Philippines two nights ago, they both have severe injuries but Jason is in critical condition with kidney failure and on a mechanical ventilator awaiting multiple operations, which they cannot start due the the hospital not having enough blood for him, the blood needed is O- which is rare anywhere but apparently even more rare in the Philippines, Jason needs blood urgently, and if you are in the vicinity and have O- please give blood at Panay Heath Care Estancia Kalibo Aklan but also, they do not have medical insurance and their medical bills are rising rapidly, so please give what you can even if it’s a small amount.

Jason Smith is from the UK and was born in Poplar London, then moved to and worked in Canvey Island Essex for many years until meeting Maffi in the Philippines and living with her there for the past couple of years.

If we all gave a small amount then we can ensure he gets the medical treatment he needs to ensure he survives. This is the only and official collection page. Funds are needed urgent so give today and give generously.

Thank you

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