Shelves for a Sari Sari

DIY Shelves for a Sari Sari Store

Guild to building strong. sturdy and nice looking shelves for a Sari Sari store at a reasonable price, with just a few tools.

In the past I have built shelves for a Sari Sari store from just ply wood but find they lack the strength and tend to bend under the weight of the good.

It was when we were adding a bedroom for my son we came up with the idea of using aluminium studs which they use for stud walls to build shelves for my wife’s Sari Sari store.

Advantages of aluminium stud shelves

  • The aluminium studs are far cheaper than timber costing about 110 peso per 3 metre length.
  • Aluminium studs are quick and easy to cut with just a pair of tin snips and can be pop riveted together to make the joints.
  • Will not rot and termites will not destroy them.
  • Difficult for mice to climb.

Tools needed to build Shelves for a Sari Sari

  • Tin Snips
  • Electric Drill
  • Pop Riveter
  • Tape Measure 

Materials for Sari Sari Store Shelves 

  • Aluminium Studs
    studs for shelves
    A section of the aluminum stud
  • Aluminium tracks for uprights
  • Plywood for shelves I used ½” but could be less depending on size of shelves.

How to Build Shelves for a Sari Sari Store

Measure the height required and cut the aluminium tracks for upright to this height minus the thickness of plywood. This is so you always have a shelf on the top to cover any sharp edges.

To cut the track cut both flanges with your tin snips then bend the track back so it kinks then cut across the track.

Cut the studs to the length required for the width of the shelves, allowing for just over twice the thickness of the metal of the tracks. The longest shelves I have done is 1.6 mitres but if the shelve is to be used for heavy items I would suggest no more than 1.2m long, or even just 1m then you can get 3 out of one length.

Cut the studs in the same way as you cut the track.Sari Sari shelves

Mark on the track where you want the shelves to be.

Place the studs inside the track then drill and pop rivet them together. Only use one pop rivet per joint until you square up the frame.

Carefully turn the frame over, get someone to help you as the frame still have no strength.

Drill and pop rivet the other side again with just one pop rivet per joint.

Lay the frame flat and square it up. The easiest way to do this is measure from opposite corners and then the other corners. If they measure the same the frame is square. If not push the corner of the longest corner and check again.

Do the same again for the second frame.

Cut the plywood to the size of the shelves. For all but the top one you will need to make a slot for it to slot into the track.

Drill and pop rivet all the shelves to the studs.

Fix to the wall if required.

The job is done, you have yourself a sturdy, strong set of shelves that will last a lifetime.

Full height shop shelves

How to keep cool while building the shelves. 

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