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Drug Company Reps Behaviour in Philippines Hospitals

After spending a lot of time at hospitals in the last 2 weeks seeing doctors and specialists I feel I have to speak out about drug company reps. They hang about in 2 and 3s sometimes more waiting to pounce on doctors.

Doctors are often delayed because of emergencies and this is understandable it is part of the job. By time the doctor does arrive there is a queue of people waiting for him. As the doctor walks down the corridor the drug company reps swoop in like vultures.

They seem to think they are more important than patients and follow him into his surgery expecting him to see them so they can sell their drugs before he sees patients that may have waited a few hours.

After the doctor sees one patient another drug company rep swoops almost demanding to be seen before the next patient.

The lack of concern for patients by this drug company reps is disgusting, what sort of person cares more about earning commission than patients.

What makes it even more disgusting is I witnessed it in a Paediatric department where you could see the worry on the faces of the parents, at a time they are worrying about their child they want to see the specialist as soon as possible and drug company reps pushing in and making them wait longer is just causing more stress to the patients.

Not only do they try to push in but while they are waiting they are often making a lot of noise laughing and joking something that has no place in a hospital, they very quickly turn the corridor into what sounds like a children’s playground.

If you are a doctor please make them wait until you have seen all your patients, if you are a doctors receptionist tell them to wait until the doctor has finished seeing patients.

Drug companies I understand that you need to sell your drugs but you really need to train your reps not to behave like vultures, they are giving your company a bad name.

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