DTI Accredited Service and Repair Shops

List of DTI accredited service and repair shops

Finding a repair shop for your car, electrical equipment etc. that you can trust to do a good job can be a nightmare. The DTI has a listed of accredited service and repair shops in the Metro Manila area, however it is a 37 page PDF document that makes it very difficult to find the type of service you want in your area. 

We have taken the DTI list and converted it to an Excel file, so you can now sort it by columns by area, service, rating etc, making it easy for you to find what you want. You can also scroll up and down the list. 

Please Note: Brits in the Philippines can not be held responsible for any bad service from companies on this list. If you do have a problem with any of them please contact us and we will remove them. 

List of DTI accredited service and repair shops

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