Election Laws Philippines

Fair Election Act Resolution No. 9615

Please be aware if you are not Filipino it is illegal for you to aid a candidate in any way. It might seem harmless telling or posting who you think should win the election but it is illegal under Resolution No. 9615 “Fair Election Act” as it could be seen as you are trying to influence. See section 4 below.

There are also laws on posting on the internet and blogging comes under the laws on media. 

We, therefore, suggest that you do not discuss the upcoming election in any way.

SECTION 4. Prohibition against Foreign Intervention. – It is unlawful for any foreigner, whether juridical or natural person, to aid any candidate, or political party, organization or coalition, directly or indirectly, or to take part in, or influence in any manner, any election, or to contribute or make any expenditure in connection with any election campaign or partisan political activity.


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