Filipina in Romania needs Kidney Transplant

Filipina in Romania needs Kidney Transplant Please Help

Alma has been a friend of Brits in the Philippines for many years and needs your help.

Alma Ostachie’s maiden name is Alma Evasco Hila she grew up in Barcelona, Sorsogon, the Philippines where she also attended school and Aemilianum college.

She comes from a very poor family but through hard work has improved her life. 

When she finished college she moved to Antipolo, she also lived in Quezon City, Baliuag Bulacan, and Manila before she moved to Bucharest, Romania.

Alma is just 33 years old and a person that has always been full of life.

Sadly Alma now has End-Stage Renal Failure and both her Kidneys are failing.

She is in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

Siblings of Alma are willing to donate a kidney to Alma the problem is they are in the Philippines and Alma is in Romania. The cost of tests on her siblings to see if they are a match, flying them to Romania and the transplant is not cheap.

Alma needs to raise about 200,000 pesos to cover the costs that are not covered by her insurance.

Please share this with as many people as you can and donate to the  Fundraisers account set up for her.

Donate here

A Message from Alma in her hospital bed

Alma Hila needs Kidney Transplant

Hi, my name is Alma Evasco Hila Im 33yrs old living at Bucharest, Romania. I describe myself an optimistic, adventurous, and full of life person but unfortunately I have End Stage Renal Failure. Both of my kidneys are failing and I am currently staying in the Sf Ion Hospital in Bucharest, Romania doing Hemodialysis. I’m in desperate need of a kidney transplant, so I can stop my Hemodialysis and I can get back to my normal life however, I don’t have the money or means required for the process, medications, travel and other expenses that insurance does not cover. I would greatly appreciate any donations or any help what so ever. I’ve been living off of a Dialysis machine that I am hooked up to every night 3x a week for 3 hours, it is to filtered my blood in substitute of my kidney. I’m in the hospital as I write this and recently have a catheter inserted into my leg through my kidney for emergency Hemodialysis. I already am on the transplant waiting list and also I have siblings and people willing to donate from the Philippines but this would not be possible without the money to pay the donor and move the donor to live in Bucharest with me while waiting for the kidney transplant process. Any amount would be very much appreciated.

Thank you! I will keep you all updated!

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