Pearl Farm Samal Island


When you mention the Philippines to some people some of them straight away think of the squats in Manila, sadly it is rare for the media to show how beautiful the Philippines is as they focus more on the bad side. 

Brits in the Philippines decided to counter this negative view of the Philippines and build a gallery to show the beauty of the Philippines. 

If you have any of your own photos that you think would help show what a beautiful country the Philippines is please send them to us.


Batangas is a popular tourist destination and one of the closest to Metro Manila. One of the most popular places in Batangas is Tagaytay which looks over the Taal Volcano. Taal Heritage town is well worth a visit it is a small town that has ancestral houses from the 19th century. Batangas also has numerous beaches. If you are looking for British food while in Batangas try Coral Beach club for a full English Breakfast. 

For bed and Breakfast in Batangas, you won’t go far wrong with Martinello’s Bed and Breakfast at Papaya Cove.


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