Gregorio Tiongson Velasquez

Gregorio Tiongson Velasquez National Scientist in Tropical Phycology

Botanist Gregorio Tiongson Velasquez was Born in born in Calumpit, Bulacan

In 1925 and 1931 Gregorio Tiongson Velasquez obtained Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the University of the Philippines.

In 1937 he received a Master of Science degree at the University of Michigan, USA and in 1939 a Ph.D. major in Phycology also at the University of Michigan. He studied under eminent phycologist William Randolph Taylor while at the university.

Gregorio Velasquez became a Professor Emeritus of Botany at the University of the Philippines. Before this he worked at Department of Botany, University of the Philippines as a laboratory assistant.

The Biological Sciences of the National Research Council of the Philippines made him chairman a position Velasquez held for many years.

He became known as known as father of Philippine Phycology.

In 1982 President Marcos awarded Velasquez National Scientist in Tropical Phycology for his pioneering research in the study of algae in the Philippines.

Dr. Velasquez made the original study of blue green algae (Myxophyceae) in the Philippines and dedicated 30 years to the study. His work was acknowledged not only in the Philippines but also internationally.

Dr. Gregorio Velasquez is also honoured in the Men of Science, Division of Biological Sciences in1969, World’s Who’s Who in Sciences.

Velasquez Street which is on the campus of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, was named is named after Dr. Gregorio Tiongson Velasquez who at one time lived in one of the old houses located on the same street.

Dr. Gregorio Velasquez died at the age of 87 on the 29th July 1989.

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