Gun parts from USA are being smuggled into the Philippines

gun smuggling USA philippines

The Philippines Bureau of Customs has reported that they confiscated gun parts at a port in while investigating possible smuggling from the .

The Intelligence Group of the Bureau of Customs at the seized barrels of Caspian and Glock, spring, butt stock, hand grips and Magpul magazines for M4 rifles, plus gun cases and other accessories shipped from the United States to Mindanao Container Terminal.

Mindanao Container Terminal is in Tagoloan town, Misamis Oriental.

The parts for were found in a 40ft container and were hidden in a Harley Davidson motorbike a selection of mixed tools and 2 tractors.

Bajaj RE

The officer-in-charge of Customs Intelligence for the area said “We have been monitoring the shipment for so long because of the information we received it contains a motorbike,” he also said they are checking for more gun parts.

In 2014 Customs Intelligence received a report that Leland Yee California state senator was selling firearms to Muslim rebels in the Philippines.

Americans often wonder why non-Americans worry about the relaxed gun laws in the USA that make it so easy to purchase guns. They will often say it is of no concern to people who don’t live in . However the fact is many of the guns are being shipped out of the USA and smuggled into other countries, where they are being used to commit crimes. 





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