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Health Herald TEN Digital Therapy Machine Review

The TEN Digital Therapy Machine is designed to ease pain by electrical pulses that are transmitted to the body. While Research into the effectiveness of TENS machines have so far been inconclusive, many physiotherapists around the world do use TEN Digital Therapy Machines, however before buying one please carry on reading.

I was recommended the Health Herald TEN Digital Therapy Machine by an acupuncturist and I have to say it worked fanatic for about 6 weeks, not just reducing pain in my shoulder but also relaxing the muscles.

This Digital Therapy Machine seems to go under many brand names Acu Care being one, Health Herald is another brand name found on it, Blueidea, Moontree and many more brand names can be found on these Digital Therapy Machines. It appears and I suspect they are all the same just with a different brand name put on the label.

The price of this TEN Digital Therapy Machine seems to vary on Lazada from 250 peso right up to 1,400 peso, with no real reason as they are identical in every way.

Worked for just 6 weeks

You might well ask why mine was only fantastic for 6 weeks? After using it every other day for 6 weeks with good results something changed, rather than making my muscles pulse it just give an uncomfortable tingly feeling that started to make my skin hot. I presumed it needed the pads replaced so purchased new pads only to discover it was still the same. While trying to find the problem I resorted to trying it with just 2 pads attached only to end up with a burn on my shoulder.

So are TEN Digital Therapy Machines a waste of money?

I would say not, my physiotherapist uses one on me and it works fine with great results but hers is much more professional looking and cost a lot more money than the TEN Digital Therapy Machine we are reviewing (See Photo).

So if you are thinking of getting a TEN Digital Therapy Machine machine the answer is do not go for a cheap one, go for a more expensive professional TEN Digital Therapy Machine as used by professionals. Remember it is your skin and your body you are putting electric pulses through.

My experience of TEN Digital Therapy Machine machines have mainly been good there is no doubt they have helped me with many of my aches and pains plus problems with tight muscles, but the experience with the Health Herald TEN Digital Therapy Machine was not good and as I said ended up burning me.

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