HIV Philippines

HIV epidemic could hit the Philippines

There is now a full-blown HIV crisis in the Philippines, as seen in the growing statistics.

Data from the Philippine Department of Health shows that 22 new cases of HIV were diagnosed per day in 2015. With so many people in the country not being able to afford to go to the hospital the figure is probably just for the middle and higher class, the true figure may well be much higher.

90% of people who were diagnosed with HIV were male and the average age was 27. The age group with the highest rate is 25 to 34 year age group which accounted for 50% of the people diagnosed. What is alarming is 30 per cent were aged just 15 to 24.

In July 2015, 682 new cases have reported an increase of 17% in July 2014.

663 cases were via sexual contact, only 2 cases were a mother-to-child transmission, but probably a lot of mothers and new-born are not tested.

The report shows that in recent years individuals diagnosed HIV positive are increasingly coming from the younger generation.

A report in 2013 showed 50% of pregnancies in the Philippines were not intended, because of a lack of contraceptives.

UN said, “the Philippines is one of only a handful of countries at risk of a full-blown AIDS epidemic.”

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