Stay cool in bed

How to Survive Philippines Summer Nights Without AC

Staying cool in bed

The Philippines summer can be hell the heat of the day is exhausting, and the build up of heat during the day makes it difficult to sleep at night.

Yes the easy way is to turn the air-conditioning on but many of us live on a small budget, and the price of electric in the summer seems to rise faster than the temperature.

1. Cold Water Bottle.

You might wonder what a cold water bottle is. It is a hot water bottle like we used to have as kids in the UK. In the Philippines they are called “hot water bags” and you can get them in Mercury Drug Stores for about 80 peso.

Fill it about half full with water (Do not over fill as water expands when it freezes) and put it in the freezer for a few hours before bed, wrap it in an old T-shirt to avoid it making the bed wet. I find resting my wrist on it so it cools my pulse works best.

2. Cotton Sheets

It is not easy to find good quality cotton sheets in the Philippines, but it is possible. Cotton is more breathable and will help to keep you cool.

3. Cool the sheets

Put sheets and pillow cases in a plastic bag and put in the fridge, they will not stay cool long but do help you fall asleep quicker.

4. Exhaust fan

An exhaust fan turned on when it starts to cool outside will draw out the heat from your bedroom that has built up during the day. An exhaust fan is cheap to run.

5. The Egyptian method

The Egyptian Method of staying cool in bed involves a damp sheet or towel. Slightly dampen a sheet or a towel with cold water and use it as a top sheet, works best in a well ventilated room.

6. Loose fitting cotton nightwear

Loose fitting cotton nightwear is claimed to keep you cooler than sleeping nude. This is probably something that is strange to us British but the locals always tend to wear clothes to sleep in and you can learn a lot from local customs. Believe it or not there is also a strange law in the Philippines that it is illegal to sleep nude.

7. Ice in front of fan.

A bowl of ice stood in front of a fan will help cool the room for a couple of hours, the air flowing over the ice creates a cooling mist.

8. Reduce your body temperature

Reducing your body temperature by a little bit helps you stay cool for longer. The quickest and easiest way to reduce your body temperature is to hold an ice pack on a pulse this cools the blood as it pumps round your body.

This is also a great way to stay cool during the day. I take a frozen bottle of mineral water with me when I go out in the summer. Holding it on my pulse makes me feel much cooler and when it melts I have ice cold water to sip.

9. Buy a Chillow

A Chillow is a high-tech gel filled pad that goes in your pillow case and takes the heat away from your head. Available online starting at about 275 peso.

10. Don’t cuddle up

While you might well have a beautiful and sexy wife the summer is a passion killer. Cuddling you wife will make you even hotter in the wrong way, even a slight touch can start you sweating for the wrong reason. If your wife tends to roll against you put a pillow between you.

11. Spring Mattress

A foam mattress stops the air flowing under you and causes you to sweat. Go for a spring mattress that has vents in it.

12. Cold shower

A cold shower before you go to bed cools your body and your skin and will help you stay cool longer.

13. Lower you bed

Heat rises so the closer to the floor you are the cooler your bed will be.

14. Reduce heat in house

Unplug all electronics, gadgets give of heat and add to the over all temperature of the house, so turn of mobile phones, unplug the TV and everything else.

15. Ice bag

ice bag

An Ice Bag is a easy and cheap way to stay cool both in the day or the night. for best effects hold it against a pulse, the neck or temple cools you fast. If your feet are hot hold it on the inside of your ankles. I wrap mine in a towel and put it under my armpit at night, it keeps me cool for the whole night.   

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