I-ACT Street Clearing

I-ACT Traffic Enforcement & Street Clearing is coming to your area

I-ACT, MMDA style Traffic Enforcement & Street Clearing operations to be rolled out over the whole of the Philippines.

Following our article last week when we said I-ACT, MMDA Style Traffic Enforcement was needed nationwide, we are very pleased to announce we have it on good authority that they’ve already been operating outside of Metro Manila and soon they’ll be seen in other islands.

If you are unaware of what I-ACT has been doing in Manila we suggest you watch some of the videos on this Facebook page.

They have been hitting the streets in force clearing the side walks, ticketing or impounding illegally parked vehicles, removing illegal vendors, removing obstacles etc. in other words they are claiming the side walks back for the pedestrians.

In other operations they target unroadworthy vehicles, that have bald tyres, lights not working, smoke belching etc.

Motorbike riders with no helmets and not following the laws on dress code, for example wearing slippers are also being stopped and ticketed. No helmet is a 1,500 peso fine for the first offence.

They are discovering that a huge amount of drivers/riders have no licence or just a student licence, in every case they impound the vehicle.

Another part of their operation is to clear the roads, we are all very aware of roads that are reduced in width because of vendors, parked cars, car washes and vulcanising shops that have no parking so use the road. I-ACT aim to return the roads to their true width and do so by imposing fines, removing equipment from roads and side-walks and impounding vehicles, they also put pressure on barangays to stop allowing such operations and pointing out to the barangays it is their job to make sure side-walks and roads are kept clear.

For the British reading this a vulcanising shop has nothing to do with Spock of Star Trek, it is what Filipinos call a tyre centre.

I-ACT operation are carried out in force by specially trained teams often from two or more agencies working together, trying to bribe or name dropping your way out of a fine does not work and is likely to get you even more fines.

So we advice you all to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy, it only takes 2 minutes to check your lights and replacement bulbs are very cheap, check your tyres have tread all the way round, check your tyres for damage, if your vehicle belches smoke get it repaired, and don’t overload it.

Do not wear slippers to drive in it is illegal both on motorbikes and in cars, the reason being your foot could slip in them and you lose control because of it.

MMDA impounding motorbikes
MMDA impounding motorbikes in Manila, soon this will happen all over the Philippines.

If you ride a motorbike make sure you wear your helmet correctly fastened on your head, it will not save your life hanging on your elbow, you might think it looks cool to wear no helmet, it does not, it makes you look unintelligent.

Since I-ACT operations began in Manila and people can see how much good it is doing, the public have been reporting things to them and I-ACT has been responding to many of the reports from members of the public.

One thing is becoming clear and that is the I-Act operations have gained the support of the majority of the public.

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