MMDA Parking Fines

Increased Parking Fines could help MMDA up its Game

There is no doubt that MMDA needs to up its game, the number of parking tickets MMDA issue is very small compared to other major cities in the world.

MMDA is trying hard to clear the streets of Manila but they lack resources and the manpower to enforce the laws at the level needed.

In 2018 after many high-profile operations by MMDA there is no doubt that things have improved in Manila, traffic is flowing better in many areas. However, it is a drop in the ocean compared to what needs to be done.

The increased parking fines announced in December 2018 could go a long way to increase the manpower and resources of MMDA.

How many tickets does MMDA issue?

We can’t find the total number of parking tickets issued by MMDA but it has been reported that in the first 11 months of 2018 there were 25,469 no-contact apprehensions for illegal-parking and another 28,683 for obstruction violations.

If anyone has information on the total number of parking tickets issued please contact us.  

While 54,152 tickets might sound a lot it is a very small number when you compare it to other major cities in the world. The City of Westminster which is a small area in the centre of London hands out about 455,000 parking fines a year.

The total number of parking tickets for England and Wales is close to 8 million a year.

MMDA needs to issue more parking tickets

You can see from the above that MMDA needs to up its game by a long way in a city as congested as Manila.

To make a real difference MMDA probably needs to be handing out 1 to 2 million parking tickets a year. To issue this many tickets MMDA needs a huge increase in resources and manpower and that cost money.

Number of MMDA traffic enforcers dropped by over 30%

In 9 months during 2017/2018, the number of MMDA enforcers dropped from 3,180 to 2,158 the reason being many enforcers resigned or were dismissed by MMDA because of corruption issues.

To retrain replacement enforcers takes time and money. Supplying enforcers with equipment like body cams to make sure they are not corrupt does not come cheap.

How much could the increased parking fines help?

As you can see below the new parking fines are much higher

Illegal parking (attended vehicle) – from P200 to P1,000

Illegal parking (unattended vehicle) – from P500 to P2,000

Obstruction – from P150 to P1,000

As we can’t find exact figures we will use the average increase, meaning an average increase of P1050 per parking offence.

Just from the no-contact apprehensions figures that were published MMDA will receive an extra P56,859,600 in fines a year.

Hopefully, this extra income will be used to employ more enforcers, put up more CCTV for no-contact apprehensions etc. This, in turn, will lead to more tickets being issued meaning more income to employ even more staff.

The result could be in a few years time parking is enforced at a level it is in other major cities in the world, leading to less congestion in Manila.

If the day comes where MMDA are handing out a million parking tickets a year the extra income would be huge and could be used to make Manila a much better city.

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