Japanese Garden Lumban

Japanese Garden Lumban Caliraya a Place to Relax

The Japanese Garden Lumban is right next to Lake Caliraya in Laguna.

One thing I hear often from foreigners living in the Philippines and even Filipinos that have lived abroad, is they miss having nice places where they can enjoy going for a walk or having a picnic.

The Japanese Garden Lumban is an ideal setting for a picnic or for taking a walk away from the crowded streets of the Philippines.

Before you get to the Japanese Garden it is well worth stopping beside Lake Caliraya which is just 1km from the entrance to the Japanese Garden.

These is plenty of safe parking beside the road and from here you can get out and look across Lake Caliraya.

The Japanese Garden Lumban is really a memorial park which was built to pay respect to the fallen Japanese soldiers of World War II.

The Garden is open to the public for a very small fee.

When I went it was just one of many planned stops so we only spent a short time there. If you are in the mood just to relax you could spend a whole day there, something I plan to do in the future.

It is an ideal place to take a picnic rug and sit on the grass with your friends or family.

As the name suggests the gardens have a Japanese theme to them, with a lake with a Japanese style bridge going over it, that leads to steps that take you up to the Yamashita Shrine and more steps that continue up to the top of the hill, giving a wonderful view over Lake Caliraya.

I am told that the park was built by the Japanese government sometime in the 1970s.

Some locals will tell you stores that is the burial site of General Yamashita, however my research tells me General Yamashita was buried in Los Baños, Laguna some 42km from the Japanese Garden and his remains were moved to later be moved to Tama Reien Cemetery, Fuchū, Tokyo, Japan.

It is claimed there are 100 steps going up the hill, my son started to count them but got bored after 40 steps, so I can not confirm if there is a hundred steps, it felt like more than 100 to me.

In the main the Japanese Gardens are clean and well-kept, we did however notice in a few places people and thrown all their garbage from a picnic in the bushes.

If you do visit please show some respect remember it is a memorial park so put your garbage in the bins provided or take it home with you.

How to get to the Japanese Garden Lumban

Take Metro Manila Skyway, S Luzon Expy/Pan-Philippine

Hwy/R-3, Manila S Rd and National Hwy to Lumban –

Caliraya – Cavinti Rd in Lumban

2 h 9 min (94.8 km)

Turn left onto S Luzon Expy/Osmeña Hwy/R-3

2.2 km

Continue straight to stay on S Luzon

Expy/Osmeña Hwy/R-3

600 m

Take the ramp to Metro Manila Skyway

Partial toll road

400 m

Continue onto Metro Manila Skyway

Toll road

13.3 km

Drive 108 km, 2 h 10 min – 3 h 10 min15.

Take the SLEX exit toward Calamba

Toll road

450 m

Merge onto S Luzon Expy/Pan-Philippine Hwy/R-3

Partial toll road

30.0 km

Take exit 50 toward Sto. Tomas

Toll road

350 m

Merge onto Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26

2.0 km

Turn left onto Bucal Bypass Rd/Milagrosa-Bucal

Bypass Rd

4.2 km

Turn right onto Manila S Rd

Pass by Ron-Ron Store (on the right in 1.7 km)

9.5 km

Continue onto Manila S Rd

4.6 km

Continue onto National Hwy

8.8 km

Continue onto National Hwy/San Antonio Bridge

Continue to follow National Hwy

2.6 km

Continue straight

1.4 km

Continue onto National Hwy

Pass by rising arc hardware (on the right in 10.4 km)

Turn left onto General Taino Street/R-5

Continue to follow R-5

3.3 km

Turn right onto Lumban – Caliraya – Cavinti Rd

14 min (9.1 km)

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