King Bee Chinese Restaurant

King Bee Chinese Restaurant Review

It might seem strange that we have put the King Bee Chinese Restaurant under the category of British food and drink.

Anyone that has lived in the UK would understand why we decided to put the King Bee Chinese Restaurant under the category of British food and drink, the reason being Chinese Food has become part of British culture.

Almost every town in the UK has a Chinese Takeaway or Restaurant many have both, they are everywhere and the British love going for a Chinese meal or grabbing a Chinese takeaway.

If you have been to a restaurant in China and a Chinese restaurant in the UK you will have discovered the food in the British Chinese restaurants is not the same as you get in China. The reason for this is it has been adapted to suit the British palate.

Because real Chinese food is not the same as Chinese food in the UK visits to Chinese restaurants in the Philippines for us British can be disappointing.

The King Bee Chinese Restaurant we visited is at Parklane Square, Daang Hari Road, Almanza Dos, Las Pinas, Metro Manila. The address is rather confusing because it is closer to Alabang than it is Las Pinas.

We visited it on a Thursday night and it was not overcrowded and had a nice atmosphere. The restaurant is large and has a lot of tables and I suspect if it was a busier time it might get very noisy.

In the Philippines, many restaurants do not offer much choice and have menus that are no more than one or 2 pages. The same is not true of the King Bee Restaurant, its menu is huge the choice is so great and the menu so big I would advice taking a pen and paper. The reason I advice taking a pen and paper is by the time you get to the end of the menu you have forgotten the things you wanted at the front of the menu, and it is so big it is hard to find them again.

A nice touch to the menu is that every meal has a clear photo with it and they really do show what the meal is like.

It was because of the photos I decided to try shrimp with cashew nuts. I used to love shrimps in the UK, but the shrimps in the Philippines are not to my liking. I had given up on finding shrimps that I liked in the Philippines, that was until I visited King Bee Restaurant, I was not disappointed the shrimps tasted just the same as they do in Chinese restaurants in the UK.

The selection is so large with plenty of the type of Chinese food we get in the UK, there also seemed to be dishes that would cater to the Filipino palate.

The service was quick and the staff were friendly and helpful, I highly recommend the King Bee Chinese Restaurant.

How to get there

To get there from Alabang Zapote take Daang Hari Road King Bee is on the right after 2.8km.

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