La Independencia

La Independencia Newspaper the voice of the Philippine Revolution

The La Independencia newspaper had a short lifespan, it was published for just 2 years 2 months and 8 days.

In that short time it was the voice of the Philippine Revolution against Spain and then became the voice of Filipino’s as the Americans reaped genocide on the people of the Philippines.

La Independencia was first published on 3rd September 1898 and was published for the last time on the 11th November 1900.

The paper was first printed by Asilo de Huerfanos printing press in Longos, which is now part of Metro Manila.

When war broke out with America the printing of the La Independencia newspaper was frequently moved to avoid the Americans closing it down.

As the Americans advanced the printing was moved from one place to another and at one time it was printed in a railway carriage which the Filipinos had captured.

It was a struggle for the paper to stay one step ahead of the Americans but still they managed to carry on printing.

It was General Antonio Luna that established the newspaper he had been educated in Spain and Manila. In Spain he attended University in Barcelona and a University in Madrid. In Manila he was a student at the University of Santo Tomas.

General Antonio Luna was Supreme Chief of the Army under Emilio Aguinaldo.

General Antonio Luna
Monument to General Antonio Luna at Plaza Lucero

Because of his military duties during the Filipino American war General Antonio Luna had to give up his role as editor was replaced by acting editor Rafael Palma.

When the La Independencia was first published many Filipino journalists had been killed by the Spanish so newspaper employed younger journalists whose education had been interrupted by the Revolution.

La Independencia became the official voice of the Philippine Republic under General Emilio Aguinaldo against the Americans.

La Independencia and the Philippine National Anthem

The Spanish lyrics to the Philippine National Anthem which was the work of Jose Palma were first published in the newspaper. Jose Palma was a member of staff at the paper.

In it short life the newspaper was a most worthy contribution by Filipino journalists in their ceaseless struggle for freedom for the Philippines.

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