List of MMDA Traffic Fines and Offences 2018

Be aware that every agency has its own fines, for example fines by LTO may not be the same as this list MMDA Traffic Fines and Violations 2018.

We have taken the latest list of MMDA Traffic Fines and Violations and cleaned it up a bit making it easier to read, this is not perfect because of limited space on the PDF. Where we have been able to we have put the full word where MMDA had shortened them, we have also corrected the English that was incorrect in many places. Examples: MV has been changed to Motor Vehicle, Overspeeding has been changed to Speeding. 


When you look at the list you will see how low some of the fines are so low they do not act as a deterrent. Probably the worst example is METALLIC TYRES (tyres with wire showing) it is just a 150 peso fine. How can a fine be so small for something that is putting people’s lives in danger, there is also a chance of injury such as blindness if a piece of wire goes into somebody’s eye. In the UK for a goods or passenger vehicle the fine would be 176,154 peso plus 3 points on your license for each tyre, 4 bald tyres and you get 12 points and lose your driver’s license. 

We found New Jeepney tyres for 2,900 peso each so they can get fined 19 times for the price of a tyre, this is hardly a deterrent. The fine needs to be more than the price of a tyre to work as a true deterrent, 

Other traffic offences that seem far to low are 

Allowing an unlicensed person to drive 750 peso, no wonder so many companies hire drivers with no license, what they save on wages cover any fines they might get. 

Cutting up a vehicle when you overtake 150 peso. 

Defective brakes 150 peso, this one we feel is just crazy for something so dangerous.  

We are sure you will find many more cases where fines are far to low. We would love to hear your comments on this below. 

No matter how low the fines are we advise you to follow the rules of the road at all times, they are there for a reason. Obeying the rules will help keep you and other people safer and will cause less congestion. 




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