MiniMice Mouse Trap

MiniMice Mouse Trap Review

The MiniMice Mouse Trap claims to be a No Mess, No Blood, No Touch product we put it to the test to see if it lives up to the claims.

In the Philippines mice are a major problem, most people seem to suffer with mice at sometime.

Intelligent Mice

The mice in the Philippines also seem to be very smart, we had them in a Condo in Makati and they used the elevator to get from one floor to another. Just as the doors to the elevator were about to close you would often see a mouse run in and hide at the back of the elevator when it got to the floor it wanted it would run out of the elevator.

Unable to find mouse traps in Makati we tried poison, glue boards, mothballs and many other things to get rid of the mice, but the mice were too smart, I once saw one run along the edge of the wall towards the glue board, I thought yes we have got you! only to watch him jump up and run along the skirting until he passed the glue board.

As we now have a shop we really do need to keep the mice under control if not we have to throw away stock they damage. We have 2 cats that do a pretty good job but sometimes we discover evidence of mice in areas the cats can’t get too.

I got some old style spring traps but they were not very well made and very difficult to set, some of them would not trigger and the mice would steal the bait others would go off by themselves.

First Rate Service

I saw the MiniMice Mouse Trap on Lazada and as they were very cheap just 250 peso for a pack of 2 I ordered 2 packs. The sellers name was Polysky and it is good to find a seller on Lazada that knows how online selling should work.

I ordered the MiniMice Mouse Traps on Wednesday morning, with in 2 hours Polysky had dispatched it and it arrived at 10:30 Thursday. Note to other sellers on Lazada that is the way it should be done.

Strong Mouse Trap

The MiniMice Mouse Trap is made from strong plastic that seems plenty strong enough for the job.

Setting the MiniMice Mouse Trap

MiniMice Mouse Trap setting it is easy
Squeeze theMiniMice Mouse Trap until it clicks to set

Setting could not be easier simply squeeze one end and it clicks into the set position, however you need to make sure you keep hold of it while you put the bait in or you could catch your fingers, however it was still simple to put the bait in the bait holder.

The traps do not trigger like the old metal mouse traps with a hair-trigger instead they use a trigger plate.

Bait used

I set 4 traps, 2 with peanut butter as this seems to be a favourite with mice, the other 2 I used noodles as the mice seemed to have a taste for noodles.

MiniMice Mouse Trap ready to use

At 4pm I placed the traps and on checking them at 7pm I discovered they had already caught a mouse, so it took the MiniMice Mouse Traps just 3 hours to catch the first mouse, maybe less as I did not check in between this time.

By 11pm the traps had caught a second mouse so they really do work, both were caught with peanut butter as the bait.

The mouse trap did not kill the first mouse as somehow it had got its head through where it mouse trap pivots, because of this squeezing the trap to release the mouse did not work and I had to get the mouse out with a stick, the mouse was so badly injured it did die with in seconds of me releasing it.

The second mouse it was a nice clean kill and it dropped out just by squeezing the other end to open the trap.

Overall I am very pleased with the MiniMice Mouse Trap it works as it should and is easy to use. I suspect it not killing the first mouse and it getting trapped in it was a bit of a freak and also because it was a very small mouse.

Rating the MiniMice Mouse Trap compared to other mousetraps I have used I would give it 9 out of 10.

Cleaning the MiniMice Mouse Trap is easy you just run it under the tap.

Our cats had better watch out as I might be making them redundant.

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