Philippines hopes to attract more Muslim visitors

Muslim Tourists Philippines

A series of initiatives has been unveiled by the Philippines Department of Tourism to attract more Muslim visitors to the country.

The Philippines Department of Tourism has partnered with the the authority on halal , the CrescentRating, in the hope to improve its facilities in the Philippines and launch a destination marketing campaign targeted at Muslim tourists. The aim is to increase awareness of the availability of halal ,  Muslim-friendly facilities and mosques.

To start with the focus will be on , Davao, and Boracay.

Ramon R. Jimenez Jr, secretary of the Philippines Department of Tourism said, “The development of the halal industry must be economic rather than just cultural. Improving the halal industry in our country will not only serve to advance the lives of Muslim Filipinos and attract more tourists, but it could also help spur growth in the Philippine economy.”

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A dedicated ‘Muslim Visitor Guide’ will be launched by CrescentRating and its sister brand, HalalTrip plus an online social media campaigns. Using the CrescentRating system it will accredit restaurants amd hotels in major cities in the Philippines.

CrescentRating and its sister brand, HalalTrip, will also help the Philippines launch a dedicated ‘Muslim Visitor Guide’, along with online and social media campaigns. It will also accredit hotels and restaurants in major Philippine cities using the CrescentRating system.

The halal travel market is widely recognised as a growth industry, and is projected to be worth US$200 billion by 2020, up from US$145bn in 2014. 




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