Manila's first Underground Railway
Manila may get a tube (subway to anyone that is not British) it will be Manila’s first Underground Railway. Japan is hoping  to fund and build Metro Manila’s first underground railway to help relieve the congested streets of the Philippines capital Manila. A Philippines Japanese Joint Committee on Infrastructure Development and Economic Cooperation met […]

Manila’s first Underground Railway Mass Transit System

Drunks do push-ups in philippines
New punishment for being drunk in the Philippines The Punishment for being drunk in the Philippines is now being forced to do press-ups. People arrested for being drunk in the Philippines are being made to do press-ups as part of a crackdown on street crime. The street workouts by drunks are part of President Duterte’s crime crackdown. […]

Punishment for being drunk in the Philippines

Balangkayan New people'a army
New People’s Army raid Balangkayan police station Around 30 members of the NPA (New People’s Army) raided a police station in Balangkayan, Eastern Samar Monday evening, and got away with several weapons. None of the 5 policemen at the police station were harmed during the raid. The raid happened at about 7pm and lasted about 30 minutes, […]

New People’s Army raid police station

Philippines Education
Philippines education Survey  In a survey by a remittance firm a lot of Pinoys based in America said they believed their education in the Philippines was their ticket to a successful careers in the US. Out of the 6,000 Filipino respondents to the survey 69% credited their Philippines education for helping them find suitable jobs […]

Filipinos consider Philippines education as best ticket to US workforce.

Filipino illegal loans
A Pinoy couple ran an illegal money lending business for nurses in the NHS and health workers from their home in Torquay, a court has been told. Nardo and Theodora Bacquain loaned money to members of the Filipino community living in England. The couple claimed they were helping hard-up Filipinos to borrow money for their health and education within a […]

Filipino couple ran a £225,000 illegal money lending empire in ...

gun smuggling USA philippines
The Philippines Bureau of Customs has reported that they confiscated gun parts at a port in Cagayan de Oro while investigating possible smuggling from the USA. The Intelligence Group of the Bureau of Customs at the seized barrels of Caspian and Glock, spring, butt stock, hand grips and Magpul magazines for M4 rifles, […]

Gun parts from USA are being smuggled into the Philippines

Tondo fire
Tondo Fire Destroys over 100 Homes  It is reported that a fire in Tondo Manila has destroyed over 100 homes.  The fire started in the early hours on Sunday the 28th of February.  Residents have been evacuated to barangay halls in Balot. It is thought the fire started from faulty electrical wiring. It has been […]

100 houses destroyed by fire in Manila’s Tondo district

Scottish police
Prosecutors in Scotland have launched a bid to extradite a 20-year-old Filipino man over the death of a Scottish teenager who committed suicide after being blackmailed by Filipinos online. Daniel Perry from Dunfermline thought he was talking to an American girl online but was told by the Filipino blackmailers that his conversations […]

Scottish police apply for extradition of 20 year old Filipino

Muslim Tourists Philippines
A series of initiatives has been unveiled by the Philippines Department of Tourism to attract more Muslim visitors to the country. The Philippines Department of Tourism has partnered with the the authority on halal travel, the CrescentRating, in the hope to improve its facilities in the Philippines and launch a destination marketing campaign targeted at Muslim tourists. The […]

Philippines hopes to attract more Muslim visitors

zika virus Philippines
Philippines Health Minister advised to women to delay pregnancy Philippines Health Minister Janet Garin has urged women to delay pregnancy until more is known about the mosquito-borne Zika virus Zika virus has been linked to thousands of cases of birth defects in Latin America and an international public health emergency […]

Philippines advises women to postpone pregnancy – Zika Virus

Marcos jewelry
By ASSOCIATED PRESS MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Officials say the Philippine government has approved the auction of the jewelry collection of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ widow Imelda, which international experts have appraised to be now worth at least 1 billion pesos ($21 million). The staggering hoard was seized when Marcos […]

Philippines to sell Marcos jewelry valued at $21 million

NAIA Terminal
Michael Barry Tallent, 31, was arrested and detained on Thursday 11th of February for allegedly spitting on two airline employees. The American arrived at the airport late for his Philippine Airlines flight to Los Angeles and got angry when he discovered he was too late board the plane because the check-in counter for his flight was […]

American arrested at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Map Of The Philippines
Philippines, 400 new islands discovered The Philippines is getting bigger, the 7,100 islands have grown to 7,500 after 400 new islands were discovered. More than 400 unknown islands in the Philippines have been found claim the country’s environment and mapping officials. The Environment Secretary revealed about the 400 extra islands in his speech at […]

400 new islands discovered in the Philippines

newton agham
Asif Ahmad the British Ambassador to the Philippines gave a message to the Philippines business  community, “Stop just replicating and franchising foreign discoveries and invest in research”. The Ambassador gave the message during the announcement of the recipients of the Newton Agham Science Programme. The Newton Agham fund was launched in April 2014, the […]

UK gives Filipino scientists P270 million in grants