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One-Megaton Nuclear Bomb in Philippines Sea

The fact that there is a one-megaton nuclear bomb sat at the bottom of the Philippines sea is very worrying.

The incident is known as the 1965 Philippine Sea A-4 incident.

On the 4th of November 1965, the USS Ticonderoga left the U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay, Philippines.

31 days later on the 5th December 1965, the USS Ticonderoga was on a training exercise in the Philippines sea, when an accident occurred.

The Douglas A-4E Skyhawk was being rolled from the number 2 hanger bay on the USS Ticonderoga to the number 2 elevator when due to human error the Douglas A-4E Skyhawk together with B43 nuclear bomb fell over the side of the Aircraft Carrier.

The pilot, a junior grade Lieutenant Douglas M. Webster died and his body has never been recovered.

The plane and the nuclear bomb to this day have never been recovered.

Deck log of USS Ticonderoga

Sunday 5 December 1965 From: Special Operations Area To: Yokosuka, Japan 12:00 to 16:00 ENTRY:- 14:50 WHILE BEING ROLLED FROM NO. 2 HANGER BAY TO NO. 2 ELEVATOR, A4E AIRCRAFT BU NO. 151022 OF VA-56, WITH PILOT LTJG D. M. WEBSTER USN, 668086 ABOARD, ROLLED OFF THE ELEVATOR AND SANK IN 2700 FATHOMS OF WATER AT 27*-33.2’N, 131*-19.3E.
signed by: J. S. McCABE LTJG USN

The bomb now sits at a depth 4,938 metres (16,200 feet) below the Philippines sea.

Did the nuclear bomb implode?

Many experts claim that because of the water pressure on the nuclear bomb at that depth it would have imploded, however, there is no evidence to support this claim.

Could the nuclear bomb in the Philippines sea still explode?

We are no experts on nuclear weapons but we do believe that it is unlikely to detonate and if it did as it is so deep in the ocean the effects from it would be minimal.

More concerning is the effect radiation could have if it leaked, but again we are no experts so would not like to say what the effect of such a leak could be.

The accident occurred 109 km (68 miles) from Kikai Island and at the time the USS Ticonderoga had Carrier Air Wing Five with two squadrons of Skyhawks aboard.

Kept Secret

The accident was kept secret until the Pentagon revealed what had happened in 1989.

The announcement caused a diplomatic inquiry with Japan requesting much more detail.

Questions still need to be asked.

Questions such as why the hell was the USA using nuclear bombs in a training exercise? And is this a practise still carried out today? If it is countries might want to think twice about allowing such exercises in their waters.

We must also presume that the USS Ticonderoga had nuclear bombs on board when it was in Subic bay and if it did was the Philippines aware of it.

We also need to ask why this was kept under wraps for 24 years, as surely countries in the area should have been made aware that they had a nuclear bomb sat at the bottom of the ocean not far away.

Another question has to be were the USA thinking of dropping a nuclear bomb on Vietnam?

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