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OzPhil College of Cavite, School Salitran IV Dasmariñas

OzPhil College is a school that offers a western, modern style of education in the Philippines and is producing great results. The president and founder of the school Delia C. Pascua-McGlew has been an educator for 30 years (27 years of which has been as a teacher and a Director of Training Services in one of the government Colleges in Western Australia). She is also married to Peter James McGlew who is also a very experienced teacher and Portfolio Manager in a government College in Western Australia. OzPhil College education is based on their many years of experience in Australia.

Australian Style Education 

In a report by U.S. News & World Report “Best Countries 2018” in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania the Australian education system was ranked the 6th best in the world, with the United Kingdom being ranked number 1, the Philippines was ranked 55th in the world.

A report by the OECD published in the Guardian newspaper in 2010 also ranked the Australian education system the 6th best in the world.

So OzPhil is based on an education system that has been proven and the fact the Australian education system keeps maintaining its ranking as the 6th best in the world proves beyond doubt it is a system of education that works. It may not be the style of education you had when you were at school, but the world is changing and so is education in the world today your child needs an education that is in line with the modern world.

OzPhil College of Cavite Mission

To develop well-rounded individuals with educational attributes that enable to be responsive for the global communities they serve through their engagement in a rich learning environment provided by innovative and professional staff.

Western standard Playground 

The first thing that struck me when being given a tour of OzPhil College of Cavite was the playground, it was of the same standard as you see in Europe where safety of the children is the main priority, it has rubberized safety surface so the children will not hurt themselves if they fall, and the equipment was imported from Europe.

The class sizes are small so your child will not go unnoticed and all the teachers seem to quickly build up a rapport with the children.

A major aim of the school president is to not allow the class system that seems to be prevalent in the Philippines into the school. This she has managed to do 100% and the pupils of all backgrounds mix together, do not look down on others and in fact children from rich and poor families have really bonded in the school and become best friends. This has been achieved partly by making all the children dress the same, all fashion accessories are banned from the school, uniforms including school bags are all supplied by the school.

No Bullying

If you attend an event at the school you notice how close the children are and how the older children look after the younger children as if they were a younger brother or sister.

Another thing that strikes you is there is no bullying in the school, no pupil seems to have any fear of other children in the school no matter of age or size.

Guest teachers from abroad

OzPhil College sometimes has guest teachers over from Australia, this is good for both teachers and pupils as it helps them to learn toAmie Thompson Rio Olympics communicate with natural English speakers, gives them confidence to talk to foreigners and the Australian teachers can pass on their knowledge to teachers and pupils.

Olympics and OzPhil

In 2016 the school had an Australian swimmer that took part in the Olympics come over to teach swimming to the pupils, and planned for her to visit again.

SPED Teacher 

Starting this year OzPhil has employed a SPED teacher to provide individual assistance to those students who require additional support at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the parents.

A Sped Teacher is a special education teacher that works with children who have a variety of special needs. Children with special needs require unique instruction by trained professionals in this field to help them achieve their highest potential and progress beyond their limitations. Special education teachers are patient, understanding educators dedicated to giving each individual student the tools and guidance needed to help them maximize success.

All OzPhil Staff are certified BLS (Basic Life Support) providers to ensure the safety the students of OzPhil.

Every Friday is Faction Day at the school which is designed to educate the children by play, this is a system that has been used in many other countries with great success and has been proven to give great results.

Students love OzPhil School

The students love OzPhil School and all of them look forward to school each day. My son was a child that hated school he just never wanted to go and was never happy at school, when we moved him to OzPhil all that changed and he now loves going to school.

Where is OzPhil College of Cavite? 

OzPhil is in Garden Grove Subdivision Salitran IV which is just of the road that runs from Central Mall Salitran, Dasmarinas and Salawag. The roads are good round the area and reasonably traffic free making travel from areas as far away as Bacoor easy.

Being in a Subdivision with good security means the pupils have 2 lines of security to keep them safe, firstly the schools security and then Orchard Grove Subdivision security.

OzPhil College of Cavite Inc.

  • ​Block 43 Phase 1 Lot 1 Garden Grove Subdivision,
  • Salitran IV,
  • Dasmariñas City,
  • Cavite
  • 4114
  • Call (046) 541 – 0328

If you enrol your child at OzPhil College of Cavite Inc. please inform them you read about the School on “Brits in the Philippines.”

Events at OzPhil College of Cavite

European Standard Playground at OzPhil

Map of OzPhil College of Cavite Inc.

Directions to OzPhil College of Cavite from Molino

Molino Bacoor, Cavite

  1. Head south on Molino Rd 1.3 km
  2. Continue onto Molino – Paliparan Rd 3.6 km
  3. Turn right at traffic lights onto Jose Abad Santos,Salawag 3.3 km
  4. Turn left into Garden Grove Village 500 m
  5. Turn right 77 m
  6. Turn left
    Destination will be on the left 39 m
    OzPhil College of Cavite Inc.
    Salitran, Dasmariñas, Cavite.

Directions to OzPhil College of Cavite from Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmarinas Cavite

  1. 1. Travel North along A Aguinaldo Highway, Dasmarinas Cavite until you reach Central Mall then turn right onto Salitran Rd
  2. Continue onto Jose Abad Santos heading towards Salawag 850 m
  3. Turn right into Garden Grove Village 500 m
  4. Turn right 77 m
  5. Turn left
    Destination will be on the left 39 m
    OzPhil College of Cavite Inc.
    Salitran, Dasmariñas, Cavite.

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