PhilHealth for Foreigners

PhilHealth for Foreigners, PhilHealth for Expats

PhilHealth for Foreigners the Facts

There is much confusion about the entitlement of PhilHealth for foreigners and how foreigners apply for PhilHealth. We hope that this will clear-up the confusion over PhilHealth for foreigners. There is no doubt that PhilHealth is a good way to cover some of your healthcare costs. 

Firstly lets make it very clear that you can not be added to your spouses PhilHealth. Yes you will hear many ex-pats tell you that they are under their Filipina wife’s PhilHealth. Not sure if this was the way it used to be but under rules of July 1, 2017 you must have your own PhilHealth and can not be named on your Filipino spouses PhilHealth. Why there is confusion over this I am not sure maybe some PhilHealth branches are unaware of the rules, but beware while it might save you money you might find PhilHealth is refused when you need it if you are under the policy your Filipino spouse.

Are you entitled to PhilHealth?

If you are a citizens of another country who is residing or working in the Philippines with a valid ACR I-Card (Alien Certificate of Registration Identity card) issued by the Bureau of Immigration you can apply for PhilHealth.

If you are on a Special Resident Retirees Visa (SRRV) and a granted permanent residency status pursuant to Section 9 (d) of Executive Order No. 1037 you can also get a discount under the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP). Interested foreign retirees in the country may submit the properly filled out PhilHealth Member Registration Form for Foreign Nationals to the PRA Head Office in Makati City or to any of its satellite offices nationwide.

Can you have your spouse and children on your PhilHealth?

Yes you can have your spouse as a dependent on your PhilHealth, you can also add your children under the age of 21 years old and step children as dependents which gives them the same cover as you.

How to apply for PhilHealth as a Foreigner.

Go to your nearest PhilHealth office and fill in the form. Make sure you have your ACR I-Card with you, I would also advice taking your passport.

If you wish to add your spouse make sure you take your marriage certificate.

If adding your children make sure you take their birth certificate.

How much will PhilHealth cost?

PhilHealth as a foreigner will cost you 17,000 peso a year, this can be paid quarterly.

If you are on a Special Resident Retirees Visa the price is reduced to 15,000 peso a year.

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