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Filipinos consider Philippines education as best ticket to US workforce.

Philippines education Survey 

In a survey by a remittance firm, a lot of Pinoys based in America said they believed their education in the Philippines was their ticket to a successful career in the US.

Out of the 6,000 Filipino respondents to the survey, 69% credited their Philippines education for helping them find suitable jobs in the US.

56% said their Philippines education was sufficient to work in their field in the US, the other 44% said they required further education for their jobs. 85% strongly believed that education is firmly emphasized in Filipino culture.

The Transfast survey also showed that 57% said they would get the same degree again if they lived their life again.

The survey also showed that 38% if given the chance, would pursue a degree in a different field, 35% would choose a health profession, 15% computer sciences and 12% business.

The reasons for choosing another field in education included “more job opportunities,” “better salary,” and “more suited to my skills and interests.”

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