Philippines History 1897

Philippines Historical events in 1897. Important events that happened in Philippines History, famous births, deaths and major events in 1897.

17th March 1897

New flag adopted by the Katipunan

New flag katipunan


21st March 1897

Marcela Marcelo died in the battle of Pasong Santol

Born in Malibay, Pasay, to a well-off family who ran a betel farm, Marcelo would acquire a reputation for being a fierce fighter and able leader during the revolution.

It was said that after the Civil Guards imprisoned her husband, she left her son under the care of her sister to lead a group of revolutionaries against the Spanish, becoming feared as “Selang Bagsik” and “Henerala Sela.”

Bajaj RE Philippines

Emilio Aguinaldo’s private secretary Carlos Ronquillo described her in his book as “a middle-aged married woman who had a child…who was always in the heat of the battle, with no weapons but a bolo.”

Marcelo died a heroic death in 1897 during the Battle of Pasong Santol after leading her men in overrunning the Spanish trenches.