Philippines History 1899

Philippines Historical events in 1899. Important events that happened in Philippines History, famous births, deaths and major events in 1899.

2nd February 1899

National Citizens Army was formed

On the 2nd February 1899, the National Citizens Army was formed as an off-shoot of the Revolutionary Forces which fought the Spanish 1896 until the Philippines was handed over to the Americans as part of the Treaty of Paris.

The National Citizens Army started fighting against the United States of America just 2 days after they were formed, the hostilities lasted until 25th September 1903 which was also the same period that the United States committed Genocide on the people of the Philippines.

The Origins of the National Citizens Army can be traced the 1897 Tejeros Convention in which the Philippines Army was created under Captain General Artemio Ricarte by the revolutionary government of General Emilio Aguinaldo.

It was not until 1935 under the National Defence Act, long after the Filipino American war that the Philippine Army was created.

In 1950 the Philippine Army became the Armed Forces of the Philippines comprising of the Philippine Army, Philippine Air Force, Philippine Navy and the Philippine Constabulary.

4th March 1899

First Philippine Commission arrives in Manila 

first Philippine Commission


On March 4, 1899, a month after the Battle of Manila, the first Philippine Commission, under Dr. Jacob G. Schurman, arrived in Manila.

The five-man team appointed by U.S. President William McKinley was composed of Elwell S. Otis, Charles H. Denby, George Dewey, Dean C. Worcester, and Jacob G. Schurman. It was tasked to investigate conditions in the Philippines and make recommendations to the American government.

9th March 1899

Francisca Reyes-Aquino

Francisca Reyes-Aquino was a Filipino folk dancer and academic noted for her research on Philippine folk dance. She was a recipient of the Republic Award of Merit and the Ramon Magsaysay Award and was a designated National Artist of the Philippines for Dance.

17th March 1899

Plead to President Emilio Aguinaldo on the futility of further resistance

A member of a prominent Manila family visits Malolos, capital of the fledgling Philippine Republic, to try to convince President Emilio Aguinaldo on the futility of further resistance against imperialist American forces some six weeks into the bloody and protracted Filipino-American War (1899-1914); after hearing the arguments of the prominent Manileno, Aguinaldo orders his immediate execution.