Philippines History 1906

Philippines Historical events in 1906. Important events that happened in Philippines History, famous births, deaths and major events in 1906.

7th March 1906

Battle of Bud Dajo 900 men, women, and children were slaughtered

Bud Dajo Massacre



Also known as the Bud Dajo massacre was a consequence of the U.S. "Policy of Disarmament" as implemented by General John "Black Jack" Pershing. The Moro Wars taught the U.S., albeit costly, the inseparability of a Tausug and his weapon. In turn, what the Moros had to reckon with in the American soldier was the motivation that had fueled the Indian wars in America. The cry "A good Indian is a dead Indian!" became "A good Moro is a dead Moro!" Passions raged and collided, and blood flowed during that crimson period in Jolo. In the Dajo Massacre, some 900 men, women, and children were slaughtered atop an extinct volcano in the municipality of Danag on the island of Jolo. The Americans spared not a single life of the brave Tausugs who defended their mountain retreat -- not a man, woman or infant! Though the bloody campaigns against the Moros officially ended in 1915, U.S. troops continued to encounter sporadic Moro attacks for the next two decades. 

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10th March 1906

Alejandro G. Abadilla

Alejandro G. Abadilla, regarded as "Father of Modern Tagalog Poetry", was born in Rosario, Cavite.
Abadilla, a Filipino poet, essayist and fiction writer, finished his AB Philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas in 1934.

His major breakthrough in Philippine poetry was when he wrote his poem "Ako ang Daigdig" (I am the world) in 1955.

His contributions to Philippine literature, extends to the essay, short fiction and the novel.