Philippines Internet

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Mention the Philippines Internet to a lot of people and it sends them in to long moans about how poor it is. Complaints range from it being slow, unable to load some pages, videos not streaming, to long periods of no connection. 

The customer service seems to be full of people that know nothing about the internet who have little or no way to contact anyone in the company that can provide more details. On many occasions when having to deal with the customer service of Philippines Internet companies we discover we know more about the problem than their customer service. It seems the companies think the customer do not need to know any details to why their internet is not working. 

Things are improving in many areas with Fiber being rolled out, in some areas it seems to work well in others our readers report problems such as only getting a fraction of the speed they pay for. 

While things are improving overall internet in the Philippines is expensive and still one of the slowest in Asia.  

If you are thinking about moving to the Philippines we strongly advice you ask people that live in the area what the internet is like. We know of businesses that have gone out of business because Philippines Internet was so poor in the area they moved too.