Reticulated python Philippines

Philippines Python, Reticulated Python

The only Python in the Philippines is the Reticulated Python, which is not only the longest snake in the world it is also the longest reptile in the world. While they are not normally a danger to humans there have been cases reported of the Philippines Python (Reticulated Python)  killing people in the Philippines.

Description of Philippines Python

The average length of the reticulated python is 4.78 metres (15.6 feet) and the average weight is 170 kg (374.7 lbs) for the British reading this that is 26.7 stone, so by no means is it a lightweight.

Some Reticulated Pythons have grown to 9 metres (29.5 feet) in length and have weighed as much as 270 kg (595 lbs). The colour of the Python reticulatus ranges from a light yellow to brown on the dorsal with black lines that extend from the ventral to it eyes. Sometimes another black line is visible that extends from the snout to the base of its skull. The back of the Reticulated Python has a diamond pattern that is made up of X’s.

Normally the female python grows much larger than the male.


Prony the Bohol Python 

Prony the worlds largest python
Prony was the worlds largest python in captivity

The worlds largest Reticulated Python in captivity was the famous Bohol Python named Prony, People called her “The Anaconda of Bohol.”

Prony was found on the 21st of October 1996 and measured just 5 feet long and weighed just 5kg, in 6 years the Bohol Python grew to 27 feet long, weighed in at 280 kg and had a circumference of 34 inches.

Such quick growth is not normal for Reticulated Pythons as when they live in the wild they do not reach that size until they are 50 years old, but the Bohol Python was only 15 years old.

Such fast growth may have been down to the Bohol Pythons diet. At first she was fed chickens, however the owner Sofronio Salibay found that it was costing him too much as the snake had such a large appetite, so he then started feeding it live stray cats and dogs.

After tourists started to get upset about the Philippines Snake being fed live dogs, it also come to the attention of GMA7 TV station and they did a documentary on Prony and the way it was being fed live dogs. It was at this point the Animal Kingdom Federation, Inc. stepped in and requested the mayor put a stop to it as it was a violation of the Animal Welfare Act Republic Act No. 8485.

Bohol Python
Bohol Python 27 feet long, was the longest Python in captivity.

The Bohol Python was then offered dead Animals but refused to eat them, so the by now famous Philippines Python was fed live goats and pigs. After eating the Bohol Python would sleep for a month while it digested its food.

Prony become so famous she received visits from Hollywood stars such as Brooke Shields, Tom Cruise and Freddie Roach. The Bohol Python also had visits from many top Philippines celebrities such as Cesar Montano, Kris Aquino, Jinggoy Estrada, Ogie Alcasid and many more.

Sadly the world famous Philippines Python died on the 14th of August 2013 at a very young age for a Reticulated Python.


Philippines Python Diet

Reticulated Pythons are ambush hunters that wait for their prey to come within striking distance they then hold the prey in their coil before killing it by constriction.

The diet of the Reticulated Python is mainly mammals, the smaller Reticulated Pythons mainly eat rodents or sometimes birds, while the larger ones pray on larger mammals and primates. If they live close to humans they will sometimes prey on chickens, cats, dogs and even pigs. There has also been reports of them entering huts and eating a child.


Reticulated Python Danger to People

While attacks on people are rare there have been cases of humans being killed and even eaten by the Reticulated Python. Fully grown Reticulated Pythons can open their jaws wide enough to swallow a human but the shoulder width of some larger people would cause a problem for the Reticulated Pythons.

In a period of 40 years there were six recorded deaths of Aeta people in the Philippines by pythons and another one that died from an infected bite. So while the bite of the python is not venomous it is important that you seek medical treatment if you get bitten to bake sure it does not become infected.

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