Philippines smoking ban could become law today.

Philippines smoking ban

The long talked about Philippines ban looks like it will be signed in very soon and could even happen today.

Smoking will be banned in public places in the Philippines local media has reported. Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol said “ Rodrigo will sign the pertinent executive order as early as today.”

Plans for an anti-tobacco were announced in October but legislation was delayed.

The new regulation will make it to smoke in both indoor and outdoor public places, which include parks, stations and in public vehicles, it is unclear if this will include smoking in the street.

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The executive order is believed to be the same as the existing smoking ban in Davao City.

The president, is an ex-smoker, and like many ex-smokers has a tough stance against cigarettes.

The President in the past has said he suffers from Buerger’s disease and Barrett’s esophagus and other smoking related ailments.

A report by Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance  last month, ranked the Philippines as 9th among the world’s top tobacco markets.


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