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Philippines Visa

1) Normal 30 day stay no visa requirement


(2) For 59 days, it is cheaper to apply at the Phils Embassy in London to obtain it.. . . . . However if already here then go to the local immigration office and apply for the extension, normally around 2,500 pesos. Getting it at the airport is expensive and depends on who deals with you. it can end up being very expensive. Normal overstay charges incur about 500 pesos per day.


(3) Visitors Visa is a visa that lasts for 59 days and has to be renewed accordingly every 2 months, the approx cost is $50 US – 2500 pesos if you continue to stay on this form of visa you will also require an ACR – I card


(4) Balik Bayan, this visa is free.BUT you have to be married You and Asawa (Wife) have to leave the country and then fly back in. Carry your marriage contract with you and then ask at immigration for the Balik Bayan. Considering the cost of flying out and back, not exactly free. Application for ACR – I required


(5) 6-month extension visa, cheaper than visitors visa and cost around 8,600 pesos if you already have an ACR – I, if not a further 2,600 to cover the ACR – I


(6) Section 13a (TRV) Temporary Residential Visa. Have to be married. Needs to be applied for around 4 months before your other visas run out. Cost of visa and new ACR – I card at present is 8,900 pesos. It is a probationary period prior to application for full residency.


(7) Section 13a (PRV) Permanent Residential Visa. Once again apply for this around 3 to 4 months before your TRV runs out. The cost once again is at present 8,900 pesos including your new ACR – I card. Note the ACR card number will remain the same as that on the TRV.

The PRV is for life once your passport is stamped. Further costs are Alien registration every year 330 pesos and the renewal of your ACR – I card every 5 years.

In 5 – 7, you are required to produce an N.B.I Clearance certificate if you have been in the Philippines for more than 6 months. This has now got to be done online and will cost approx 140 pesos.

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