PLDT Customer Imus Cavite

PLDT Customer Imus Cavite

This morning following our report on PLDT outage on the 31st May 2018 which left Manila, Makati, Pasay, Laguna and Cavite with slow or no internet for over 15 hours we received the email below from a PLDT Customer in Imus that has been without internet for a week. 


This is to confirm that the PLDT connection (voice & data) has not yet been restored. Particularly in our area in Imus Cavite. In fact, our whole village is affected by this outage. Its been in a full week now since the problem occurred. I am just assuming here, but I think the problem started during the thunderstorm that happened last Friday.

We’ve been calling and emailing the PLDT call centre. But all we’ve got are just false promises and no definitive answer on what caused the problem and when it is going to be fixed.

It is not the inconvenience of not having an internet or cable TV connection. It is the risk of not having the means of communicating in times of emergencies. Our area has a poor cell phone signal reception (c/o Smart and Sun). Hence most of us from our village decided to get a fixed landline (Home FIBR). So every minute that the connection has not yet been restored, PLDT is putting our safety in jeopardy.


PLDT Customer

Something we seem to hear all the time and a major frustration from PLDT customers is the lack of information from PLDT Call Centers, it is like dealing with the secret service. We are not sure if this down to the call center staff not bothering to tell the customers, but we suspect it is down to lack of communication between the technical teams and the call centers. What we do know is it is something that needs to change, customers have a right to know what the problem is and when it will be fixed, customers become frustrated without this information.

As for taking a week to repair we find it difficult to understand why any internet connection would take over a week to repair, maybe someone at PLDT could explain to us why it takes longer to repair the internet in the Philippines than it does in other countries? 

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