PLDT Santa Maria Bulacan

PLDT Customer Santa Maria, Bulacan

It seems from this email we received from a PLDT customer in Santa Maria, Bulacan that PLDT have not fixed all the problems that happened in May and for some of their customers they are still facing problems with the internet. We can not be sure if this is the same problem or if it is different problems, if someone from PLDT could contact us and update us on this our readers would be grateful. 


PLDT customer Santa Maria, Bulacan

I am from Santa Maria, Bulacan and we’ve been experiencing outage with our PLDT Fibr Subscription since May. The issue started last May 16, 2018 which we immediately reported to PLDT’s by calling their hotline. It took 48 hours for us to be given a feedback as to why we don’t have internet and phone service. According to their dispatch team, there was a cable line located in the near barangay that was cut and it’ll take 2-3 days before the service is restored. The service was fully restored last May 23rd however, on May 26th, the internet was down again. Same drill, we called the hotline and we were told that the issue was caused by the same problem (cable line that was cut). The service was restored May 31st but unfortunately, the net was down again yesterday (June 8th).

Based on the information I’ve gathered so far (different posts in Facebook), most of the Barangays here in Santa Maria Bulacan are experiencing consistent internet downtime since May 2018. I don’t think there’s an outside facility problem as PLDT’s technical support is claiming.

Today the 30th of June 2018 we received a follow up email from the same person. 

Thank you for publishing the article. The internet was restored last June 13 and we were able to use the service for 12 days.  Unfortunately, the service was again turned off last June 24 and up until now, it hasn’t been restored. Technical Support advised us that it was the same cable outbreak causing the outage. We have established a pattern based on the outages from May 14. It appears that service will be out for 5 days (most cases) up to 7 days and upon restoration, we will be able to use it for about a week then it’ll be down again.
Not sure why this is happening.
PLDT can you explain why it take 5 days to repair a cable when in the rest of the world it takes a couple of hour? 

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